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How to Promote Your Business Using Flyers

Posted by Isadora Dalpiaz on Mar 9, 2017 7:00:00 AM

There are tons of ways that you can promote your service business, and while some of them may look outdated, they still are effective. However, you need to keep in mind that a flyer will only work as a support material to other sales efforts.


Flyers work really well when used aligned with, business cards after a meeting, PDF version attached to a follow-up email with a prospective client or as a promotional material when a client’s request more information.

In terms of costing you can keep it really low using professional templates available online, and also because you will be handing or mailing your flyer to a limited number of recipients.

Like every other marketing material, your message needs to be clear for the reader take action. With a concise message that clarifies to your public target that they have a problem and how your service will help them solve it, is more likely that your flyer will convert some leads.

Below there’s a list of the information that must be on an effective and professional flyer.

1. High-quality Images/Photos
Pictures with great quality are way more attractive than photos with a poor resolution. Pictures with people are more likely to create interest and help establish. Also, puts the logo of your company in every promotional material, it gives a more professional look.

2. Catchy Headline
In a short phrase or sentence, explain what your offer is and how it will benefit the reader. In this part is where you show the reader how you can add value to them, spend some time preparing the headline because is need to capture the attention of the reader right away, otherwise your flyer will end up in the garbage bin.

3. Provide Details
In this part, you’ll give a list of your services, clarify everything that you think your readers might ask you and how you will solve their problem. Remember that you need to put your brand as the best option available.

4. What's the offer?
When people are evaluating a purchase is common to have a moment of hesitation. Just in case your readers are on the fence, you can use a coupon, discount or limited offer. When you give them an undeniable offer, those potential customers will start fearing of losing it, that’s when they will probably give you a call.

5. Contact Information
Last, but the most important, your contact information. Depending on the type of business and offer, this information will vary, if they need to go to your store, they will need your address. If they need to call you to schedule an appointment or get a free quote, they’ll need your phone number.

Besides that, always have the link to your website or social media pages listed, that people can find out more about your business if they decide not to call or contact you right away.


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