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Why Using Uniforms Is Good For your Business

Posted by Isadora Dalpiaz on Apr 12, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Is becoming more common to see services companies abandoning their uniforms and changing for a more casual look. Sometimes, employees feel uncomfortable wearing clothes with the company logo or other types of uniforms. But should your company do the same?


Let’s split this thinking into two parts: credibility and advertising. When using uniforms, you create a sense of credibility, simply because your customers will see your employees as safer and more trustworthy. Think of yourself: would prefer someone with something that represents the company that you hire rather than seeing a stranger wearing stained shirts and jeans wandering around their property?

Acting professional is not only when you’re in a call with a customer, it continues with the way you behave on-site, either by the way to talk or the clothes your workers are wearing.

Another bonus of employee uniforms is the marketing opportunity. You want to promote your company in many ways as possible, it can be with trucks decals where people can see your company’s name and generate brand awareness, the if your crew is using uniforms that can catch people’s attention.

Now you already know that using uniforms is a good option for your company, bus what type? Which color? There’s a few factor that you need to take care in consideration before choosing your team’s uniform.

Material: make sure you choose a comfortable material and suitable for the type of working they will be performing. If they are going to face hot environments, prefer a shirt with a fabric that can wicks away the moisture to keep them dry from the sweat. Put your logo embroidered on the pocket, or on the back with the contact information.

Colors: When working near roads, prefer bright colors to keep them safe from cars. Yellow or green are good options to stand out to oncoming traffic. If your jobs are located in residential areas, you can match the shirts colors with something that go along with your brand.

Regardless of the work your company will going to be performing, always choose a professional style that can be easily customized.

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